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G asked 2 years ago

I got issued an S2 permit by Exit-Entry so I’d have enough time to process my JW202 form from my university.
…So why is it that the same university is claiming a week later that: “Today we received a notice from China Visa Bureau, due to your background has suspicious, they refuse to issue you student visa Jw202 documents. They did not tell us detailed reason as this is country security and government authority.”
What does that even mean when I got a visa renewal from the same bureau so I could wait for this form to come to me? Who do I have to speak with to get this straightened out, because I really want answers.

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Momentix Staff answered 2 years ago

Sounds like a tough situation.

I’ve never heard of anything like this.
I think the best thing to do is speak directly to an immigration officer at an exit-entry bureau(Pudong exit-entry bureau has more English speakers). Explain your situation. If it doesn’t work out well, go to another exit-entry bureau and talk to other officers. When it comes to visas, it’s super subjective. If they get up on the wrong side of the bed, your application could be rejected.
It seems that the person that contacted your university was a different person who issued you a S2 permit and probably didn’t believe you are, in fact, trying to stay longer to process your JW202 but that you are staying longer for another purpose. So bring all documents / proof that can validate that you are trying to continue with your studies and there was no other motive behind your S2 application.

Good luck, G.

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