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Tamara Dinic asked 4 years ago

According to my visa related situation, the thing is: I have a new working permission, but I didn’t cancel my residence permit (with cancelling the previous working permission). What that means? My residence permit lasts until February 24th, and my company suggested me to exit the country for another sticker. 
I guess this happens to the expats all the time. 
What should I do now?
Thanks a lot!

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

If I am understanding correctly, you changed companies and your new employer got you a new work permit(blue plastic card).
Short answer: you need to submit the application for a new residence permit before your old residence permit expires on Feb 24th.
Long answer: If you already have your new work permit card and all the required documents, then you should be able to apply for a new residence permit(the sticker that will go into your passport) at the exit entry bureau and your old residence permit will be automatically cancelled.
(If you didn’t have your new work permit card yet, then the exit entry bureau would cancel your old residence permit, give you a 30-day “humanitarian” visa to get a new work permit and apply for a new residence permit. So basically you are skipping this extra 30-day humanitarian visa because you already have your new work permit card.)
I don’t understand why your company would ask you to exit the country for another sticker. It doesn’t make sense to me or maybe I don’t know something that your company knows.
Your residence permit won’t magically extend itself or magically realize you got a new work permit. If you leave before February 24th and return to China after the 24th, they won’t let you in because your residence permit expired unless you get a tourist visa outside of China. Once you do re-enter China, you still do not have a residence permit and you would still need to apply for a new residence permit that is linked to your new work permit.

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