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Diego Navarro asked 4 years ago

Hello Sir,
I’m Diego Navarro from Peru. I work on the agri exportation field and came to China for making business.
I came with a 02 entries visa (category M), 30 days each stay. But unfortunately due to the situation of the novel virus, everything got very slow, even the port movement and sales on the fruit market.
My first entry was on Dec 29 and supposed to leave at the end of this month (Feb), now I need to get a new visa so I can stay for more time. I was thinking on going to Chinese embassy in Hk to get a new one, but due to the situation now I think is hard to entry (Im afraid they will put me into quaretine for 14 days). 
My questions:
. Is Hk quarentine real? I mean, are they putting into quaretine to every person that comes from mainland China? 
. Is possible to get a new visa with you? If is not possible and I only can extend it, what’s maximum more time I can get?.
. How many days takes the tramitt? 
. What  documents do I need to get it? 
. And if only get my visa extended, would I be able to take a new one in Hk after it expires again?
Thanks in advance for your kind help. 

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Assuming you’re in Shanghai… I know that it’s nearly impossible to extend a business visa(M-visa).
You’re gonna have to get a new visa outside of China.
If you get a new business visa outside of China, it’s still gonna be 30-day entry single (or double entry). They rarely give out business visas more than 30 days per entry now….
I’m just an average joe so I only know as much as you do regarding quarantines in Hong Kong….
I would recommend trying to get a tourist visa. I know an agency in Seoul that provided 90-day tourist visa (single entry) and a one year multiple 30-day tourist visa(eligibility requirement: if you have been to China at least twice over the last two years) as well. I have forwarded your message to the agency in Seoul asking if it’s possible to get you re-entered into China on a business visa… if/when they respond, I’ll let you know.
This is the best I can do to help you, hermano!!
Good luck!!
P.S. I’ve been to Machu Picchu in 2013. LOVED IT and the people and food. <3

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