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Muhammad Umair Shahid asked 4 years ago

I am student in Shanghai and my wife came to visit me and get one time entry temporary visa. On this visa it is usually to apply for residence permit within one month of entry in china. If the person want to go back can he or she can go back on that one time entry temporary visa with out applying for the residence permit in these day?

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

If I understand you correctly, you’re asking if it’s okay for a person who entered China on a 30-day visa used for converting to residence permit..(Z-visa?) to leave China without applying for the residence permit.
Yes, should be no problem. Government doesn’t care if your wife does not convert the temporary visa to a residence permit and leaves China. As long as she leaves China before the visa expiration date, she’s good.
If your wife wants to visit you in China again, then she must go through the entire visa application process again from her home country.

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