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Fatima asked 4 years ago

Hello, I write to you to enquiry about where I should apply for visa.  Currently I am in China and I hold X1 visa (visiting student) which will be come to an end in November.  however, I am going to be an employee here and my work permit is in process.  My question is should I leave China and apply for this from outside. I would appreciate if you could explain to me about conditions for applying visa in Shanghai. 
Best regards

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Fatima, 
Always always try do it within Shanghai. 
I am not sure if all nationalities can apply from within China though. Or maybe they can in Shanghai, but you need all the right documents. And for countries’ consulates in Shanghai cannot provide certain documents that are required for the residence permit application. 
If you did a four year degree at a Chinese university, it should be easier to get a work permit. 
Generally, the required docs are:

  • original passport
  • resume
  • university diploma(and authenticated)
  • reference letter from previous employer 
  • police records
  • health exam
  • temporary residence registration in Shanghai 
  • And a few documents from the company (business license, etc..)

If you did a 4-year degree in China, I think it can replace or void the requirement for the reference letter from previous employer. 
Double check with your employer’s HR, since they should know all of this. 
Good luck!

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