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cat1256 asked 3 years ago

I recently had my passport withheld by police for some ongoing investigation into a previous visa agent whom had helped others to get a visa for the wrong reasons.  I had gone to the police to explain my story and had been told that they will inform me as to when I can come back.  The question I have is how long are they allowed to keep my passport for because it has been almost two months and I still haven’t received it back? One last thing is that I had cancelled that visa after having a suspicion that the visa agent is not trustworthy.  My last two visas were humanitarian visas.  

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 3 years ago

Hmm… tricky situation. My passport was also held by the Exit Entry police for some time before. I had my HR who spoke Shanghainese call the police and it was resolve in a matter of seconds. 
I would suggest getting a Shanghainese-speaking friend to call the police with you and ask on the status of the passport. 
In the mean time, I’m gonna ask a friend who might have had an experience with this. Check back in two days.

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