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Magdalena asked 4 years ago

Hi, how does the delivery of the passport work? I went to the bureau today and after I said I want it delivered I had to get an envelope. I didn’t pay the fee for the visa nor for the delivery service. Do I need to pay cash once it comes to my place, or do I need to go somewhere to pay for it? The woman didn’t speak any English and it was very had to communicate with her and I fear i missed something important and am worried. 

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

So once you get to the booth to pay for the delivery service and get an envelope(and you pay for the envelope/delivery fee on the spot – at least that’s what the process was like when I went), you should return to the original booth where you submitted your application. You hand that envelope to the immigration / visa officer. Immigration officer will give you a white slip of paper/receipt (that acts as a temporary passport, which you can use to travel in China domestically with). There will be an identical white slip of paper/receipt glued to the envelope as well. 
When your passport ready, a delivery guy will deliver your passport in that same envelope. He will trade it with the white slip of paper / receipt you have and cash (prepare exact amount. Maybe they also accept alipay/wechat pay now)   
I think he’ll call to make sure you’re home before he delivers it. 
After you get your passport back, I’d appreciate it if you email your experience to [email protected]
Thank you!
Warm Regards,
Just Another Expat

smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Thank you for getting back to me. Sharing your experience with others:

“Hi I just got my passport back.
I had to pay him via cash or alipay as my courier did not support wechat pay. He gave me a special link to pay the fee to instead of athe regular qr code.
The date of expected collections they give you was the date my passport arrived. 
Furthermore if you don’t pay for the delivery initially you will have to pay it later as I was not asked at the office to pay.”

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