60 days automatic extension(still applicable/July 2020)

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soha asked 4 years ago

Hello Officer,
My Visa is due to expire on the 15th of July. I didn’t get/applied for the two months automatic extension yet. please let me know either 60 days automatic extension policy is still applicable or suspended. 
thanks in advance.

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

First of all, as stated in the about page and footer of every page, I’m just a foreigner helping others out with these common questions. I’m not a visa officer or any type of officers. So not everything will be 100% accurate here.

Oh yea totally. Beijing doubled their quarantine period from 14 to 28 days. So don’t worry the 60 days automatic extension isn’t going anywhere.
It seems you didn’t spend much time on the site and missed some key banners and q&a threads. Please read this first: https://shanghaiexitentry.com/extending-your-stay-in-china-during-covid-19/ as well as answers to other questions on the forum regarding the 2 month automatic extension. Click on the category and it will filter all the 2-month automatic extension threads.

Good luck!

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