Applying for spousal visa after 60 day extension

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Jessie asked 3 years ago

On the website, I saw an option to continue staying in China is to get a spousal visa. I’ll be marrying my fiancé sometime this week, and my 60 day auto extension will end mid-July. Do you know anyone who has stayed through application for a new spousal visa? I saw that in Pudong, people’s visas are being extended without being voided, is there any news of anyone successfully extending in shenzhen without voiding their visa? 

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Momentix Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Jessie, 
I don’t know anyone personally who got a spousal visa during the covid period.
The spouse visa will allow you to stay until the expiry date of your fiance’s visa. 
Yes, Pudong exit-entry bureau has been renewing people’s multiple-entry visas(business / private visit visas) without voiding. I don’t know the situation in Shenzhen but would appreciate if anybody shared any new on extending their visas in shenzhen without voiding it. 
If you are in Shenzhen, Jessie, then I would recommend you visiting the main exit-entry bureau there and asking a visa officer in-person (and then sharing your findings here would be greatly appreciated). 

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