Will I have enough time to get the Z visa? What happens if I overstay?

Q & A ForumCategory: Work PermitWill I have enough time to get the Z visa? What happens if I overstay?
Bob asked 4 years ago

I’m in a bit of a pickle and my situation is very nerve wracking.
My current L visa 60 day extension will expire on July 10th. I am currently in the process of getting my Z visa and residence permit. My employer has submitted all documents online, including my diploma, CV, TEFL, criminal background check and medical check. This was done on Wednesday, and we are still waiting for a response. I have had a residence permit before, so I hope the procedure runs smoothly.
However, my time is running out. What happens if there is a delay in response from the government? What happens if they are not happy with some part of my application, and I need to change it? Will I have the time to make these changes? Will I have the time to get the Z visa before my L visa expires even if everything runs smoothly? If not, what options do I have?
I have heard some things about getting a Humanitarian visa if you can prove you are currently in the process of getting another visa and need more time. Is this true? How do I go about getting one? How long will it take and what is the cost? Are any other options available to me to avoid overstaying? What will happen if I end up overstaying by a few days?
I know it’s a loaded question, but I am extremely nervous and really need some timely help and advice. I am a Canadian citizen.
Thanks a ton.

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey Bob,
No worries. The feeling of anxiety sucks and these are common headaches felt by many expats, which is how this site was born!
This following are what I am aware of but things might have changed because it’s been over a year or we’re in the COVID period:
I was in this situation before – transitioning to a new job.
My new employer successfully submitted all the documents online for the work visa. The online system will say something like “no problem, ready for submission at a designated work permit centers” or “document adjustment / further documents required”.
They sent a text message to my HR (phone number listed on the online platform/portal for recruiting foreigners) and the message was something along the lines of:
“the job description in the labor contract is too vague. Please provide more description, upload the new labor contract with more details to the online platform and then bring all your documents to one of following work permit centers[they gave us 3 to choose from]. You don’t need to wait for further notice. You can visit the work permit center immediately after you have uploaded the last document(s).” 
So we did just that. 
Next, at the work permit center:

  1. the government staff will verify the hard documents are in fact the same documents as the soft copies submitted online
  2. once verified, they will keep one or two documents(I think company related) and the rest of the documents are returned to you/HR. 
  3. you wait 5-7 business days  – someone located somewhere in China will look over your application and your soft-copy documents, before giving the green light to the work permit center to issue the work permit card. No sms notification here. HR must manually check-in to the platform and see something like “you can come pick up the work permit card”. Mine came out in 4 business days. It may be faster these days because not as many work permit applications are being processed because of the ban on new incoming foreigners from abroad. 
  4. pick up the newly issued work permit card from the work permit center

Last step is go to exit-entry bureau to apply for residence permit with all your documents and the new work permit card. I went the same day I got my work permit card. 
As long as you submit your application for residence permit successfully one day before your 60-day expiration date, you’ll be fine. 
If you submit it late(after July 10th), you will be penalized “lightly” because of the covid-19 pandemic. 
If you don’t wanna take the risk, then yea humanitarian visa is the way to go.
You should go to the pudong exit entry bureau with basically all documents you have prepared for the application(includes previous work permit cancellation letter) PLUS screenshot of the work permit application status (to prove that you in the process of getting a work permit). 
Once submitted successfully, it should be ready in 5-7 business days. I think I paid around 160-200rmb for a 30-day humanitarian visa. Cost may vary for different nationalities…  
It seems you are the same bob, from a few weeks ago, asking about getting the non-criminal record from Canada. Congrats on moving past that stage!
Good luck!
Warm regards, 
Just Another Expat

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