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May asked 4 years ago

My Residence visa was renewed till 2020 Dec before the covid incidence. However, after the covid, my company decided to end our contract around March. He wants to put down 15 March for the certification of leaving the company. However I only received the letter around late March. My question is can I refuse to sign the letter if it’s dated earlier than when I receive the letter? 
I have found a new job opportunity in a new company. And we only going to proceed with the residence visa application this week. Will the 60 days grace period apply to me too? Or do I need to apply for an extension? 

please help. 

Thank you,

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi May, 
As far as I know, these are the steps you’d need to follow:

  1. cancel your old work permit
  2. get a new work permit (requires old work permit cancellation letter)
  3. apply for new residence permit (requires new work permit)

As long as your former employer doesn’t take your passport to cancel you residence permit, then I think you’re fine. 
Just make sure your former employer cancels your work permit and gives you the work cancellation letter. In order to do this, you will need to sign the paper saying you are indeed leaving the company and give them your blue work permit card. They will send these to the bureau of foreign experts/labor, where they will send the work permit cancellation letter/document to your former employer within 7 business days.
You need to pass this work permit cancellation document to your new employer, which is one of the required documents for your new work permit card tied to your new employer.
Finally, your new employer can apply a residence permit, using your new work permit card. 
If your new employer HR is good, then you only should have to be present for the residence permit application phase at the Exit-entry bureau to just match your face to your passport photo. 
Good luck!

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