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Caroline von der Groeben asked 3 years ago

Hi, I want to extend my visa (as mentioned in my previous question). I was told I can go to the office in Pudong. Now the company I work for said I have to go to the ‘headquarter’ ((No 999, Jinzhong Road). Is that necessary? What is your suggestion? Thank you very much for your help!

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Caroline, 
I thought Pudong was the headquarter, which is No 1500 Minsheng Road(浦东新区民生路1500号). 
No 999, Jinzhong Road – should be a branch. But it’s near hongqiao airport / train station (near the Ctrip building designed by Zaha Architects). 
Maybe your company recommended you this location because it’s closer to you or the company. I hope they can have one of the employees go with you… 
Not all branches have English speakers…. Pudong one definitely has a few English speakers. 
I would say, why not. Try No. 999 Jinzhong Road and if it fails for any reason, then Pudong. 
Good luck!

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