Work permit expiring on April 16th. Do I get the 2 month extension?

Q & A ForumCategory: Work PermitWork permit expiring on April 16th. Do I get the 2 month extension?
Natali asked 4 years ago

Hi, if my working visa is expired at April 16th, do I have 2 month extension period? Thank you

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

If you are not already in China, then no.

If you are currently in China, then yes.

And, if you plan to renew your work permit, then you should renew it before it expires.

This is why you should think of the extension as a free overstay rather than an extension on your visa.

You can stay longer. Doesn’t mean you have more time to enter China.

The two month automatic extension is mainly designed for people who were visiting China on a short visit but because of the virus, their plans were delayed. So the Chinese government is allowing them extra time and overstay their visas by 60 days.

It also works in favor of people who are quitting their jobs and want to leave China.

But if you are switching companies or renewing your work permit, you should start the work permit renewal process before it expires. I would recommend to start the work permit and residence permit renewal process 2 months before expiration.

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