visa expiring in May – automatic extension not granted yet (as of April 29)

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Bert asked 4 years ago

This is more an information than a question.
I entered China on March 6 with a 60-day stay allowance, ending on May 5. And I thought I could benefit from the 60-day automatic extension.
I just called the Entry Exit Bureau to make it sure. They don’t know yet if it will be extended to May. If not, we will have to go there and apply individually.
By the way, the Bureau will be closed for the holiday, and open again on May 6. It is still possible to join someone during the holiday, at the same number: 2895 1900.
And thanks for the information on your site, it feels good to get some support these days.

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

You made my day, Bert. I truly appreciate your contribution! 

Yea, it seems we have to wait for foreign affairs or another Chinese government department to announce the end of the “pandemic period” or revise the automatic 60-day extension policy. So we need to keep our eyes peeled for updates on this.

If an individual is almost about to finish his/her automatic 60-day extension but cannot return to his/her home country (due to coronavirus related reasons/ flight restrictions), then the individual must visit the exit-entry bureau in-person and apply for an extension.

Hope you’ll be eligible for the extra 60-day extension, Bert, and thanks again!

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