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Alexander II asked 4 years ago

Hello Sir, a have few questions.
1 is the exit entry visa center works on saturday? I didnt collect it yet, i mean may i collect passort on saturday on go to do visa on saturday? 
2 can they do fast visa for some reason? Like on 2-4 days at least visa for one week. 

i am in Shanghai with stay visa

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Yes, you can collect visas on Saturday at the Pudong PSB. 
If you want expedited service, you need to explicitly mention it to the immigration officer and provide some sort of proof for why you need it expedited. For example, you may have a business trip scheduled for Beijing and flights booked. So you’d need to show your booked flight ticket and perhaps a statement from the company and stamped with company chop. I’ve never done it before but I assume there will be corresponding expedited service fee based on how quickly you need it. 
If you don’t need your passport in a rush and you submit your visa application SUCCESSFULLY one day before it expires, then you are fine btw.
Good luck, Alexander II. 
Warm Regards,
Just Another Expat

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