Automatic extension is expiring in-between of work visa process

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Ali asked 4 years ago

I got the job in shanghai and the company is applying for work permit, the online submission is in progress now (got rejected three times due to minor issues).  My auto. extension is going to expire on sept 13, but the work permit and residence permit process is going to take longer time than that. What should i do now? can i get an extension? or is there any other way to tackle this issue?

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey Ali, 
You can apply for a humanitarian visa, often given to foreigners who run out of time in getting their new work and residence permits. 
You’ll probably need to show proof that you are, in fact, in the process of applying for a work permit / preparing for residence permit. 
So bring with you all relevant papers for those applications… i.e. labor contract with the new company… perhaps a statement from the new company saying you(with passport number included) are in the process of getting a work permit and stamp the document with company chop etc. 
Your HR should know how to handle this or do a quick Baidu search / call to an exit-entry/public security bureau(psb)
Good luck, Ali.
Warm Regards,
Just Another Expat

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