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Eleanor Wendam asked 4 years ago

Good morning Sir/Ma’m, 
I’m traveling back to Shanghai next week. May I know if there are documents from my employer which I need to present to the exit and entry personnel in the airport upon arriving? 

thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Eleanor, 
Not that I know of.
As long as your residence permit is still valid, the immigration officers at the airport shouldn’t give you any trouble. 
I’ve never heard of immigration officers asking for documents from an employer. I’m sure your residence permit already contains information on your work. 
I heard those who are travelling from Japan, S. Korea, Iran, Italy, France, Germany or the US, will have compulsory 14-day quarantine. 
Regardless where you’re coming from, you’ll probably have to fill out some health forms. I also heard it will be better if you arrange your own pick-up from the airport. Besides these, I don’t know of anything new or different.
If you do experience anything different, I’d appreciate it if you share your experience returning to China.
Safe travels.

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