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Whan asked 3 years ago

The last day with my current company is on the 2nd of July, and I am planning to leave China at the end of July.
Do I need to apply for the Humanitarian Visa / Stay Permit before I leave the company (the company will cancel my work permit and residence permit), or do I apply for it after I have left the company?
Thanks for your help!

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 3 years ago

Hey Whan, 
If someone is quitting a job in China and leaving the country in a few to several months, most companies wouldn’t bother cancelling that person’s residence permit(and sometimes work permit). In which case, you just let the residence permit(and work permit) expire naturally. 
If your company DOES cancel your work permit AND residence permit, they should get you to sign a document that confirms your last day of employment and you need to return the employment card. They will send this to the labor of bureau. The labor bureau will sent the document back that confirms your work permit has been cancelled. (Now, you can see why employers let the work permit and residence permit expire naturally unless they have to -> resigning employee is switching to another employer.) 
Anyways, if you know for a fact that they cancelled your work permit and you wanna play it safe, you would need to visit an exit entry bureau and bring with you:

  • the document that confirms you’ve cancelled your work permit from the labor bureau
  • your passport
  • [my recommendation] a simple letter/document issued by your employer explaining you(full name & passport number) won’t cause any trouble until your departure date and stamped with company chop
  • [my recommendation] air plane tickets to prove you have already made your arrangements to leave on the specified date
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