Shanghai Exit Entry Phone number?

Q & A ForumShanghai Exit Entry Phone number?
Christopher Halliday asked 4 years ago

Thanks for this great forum! Just wanted to know what the phone number is for the exit entry bureau. 
28951900 as per their website, doesn’t seem to work. I’m calling from Hangzhou, so I dialed it many ways – with code 21 beforehand, without code beforehand.Recording it says it doesn’t exist

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey Christopher, 
Not sure if you made a typo or not… but the area code when you’re calling Shanghai from within China should be ‘021’ (and just 21 internationally after the country code 86). 
I’m currently outside of china (can’t get back in haha…) so I cannot test it out myself. Let me know if it works / doesn’t work tomorrow. 

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