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Connie Pun asked 10 months ago

My father who was a Hong Kong resident passed away in Shanghai in a car accident in 1993. How can I obtain a copy of the death certificate that was issued back then?

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ShanghaiExitEntry Staff answered 10 months ago

Hi Connie,
My condolences for your father’s tragic accident. I will ask a friend who may know something on this matter and let you know. In the meantime, stay healthy and safe!
Warm Regards

ShanghaiExitEntry Staff answered 10 months ago

Hey Connie, 
My friend knows the general idea. So here it is:
You need to visit the Shanghai Municipal Archives and bring with you your passport/ID, a document proving he’s your father, and a statement explaining why you need to collect his death certificate. 
However, my friend recommends that you call in-advance to inquire first.
I would recommend just Baidu-map-searching: “上海市档案馆”  and visiting a location near to you and ask in-person. 
I did a quick search and this should be their home page and it seems they are business as usual now
Hope you can get it swiftly. Cheers!

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