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Sahar asked 3 years ago

My question is what documents are required for applying residence permit in Shanghai. and what should we do  if we are not able to apply for resident permit within 30 days.  
My story is I arrived  China on 27 January 2021 with Z visa. I have a work permit notice that I received it 4 months a go.  Currently I am in the hotel for 15 days to complete my quarantine period, then public holiday will be commenced for two weeks in the University where I am supposed to work. Besides I have heard that I need to apply for a new work permit when I enter China. all those processes will take some while and I am not able to go for applying for resident permit within 30 days.  I was wondering if I really need to apply for a new work permit? what if I couldn’t get all the jobs done within 30 days. Thank you 

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 3 years ago

You can check out this site for required documents for residence permit:
You’d need to extend your stay as soon as possible. The public holiday is 7 days (Feb 11-17) (they reallocate 2 days from weekends to make it 7 consecutive 7 days). So you’ll have to try your best and submit an application before your Z-visa expires. If you cannot, then you need to apply for an extension (they’ll probably give you a 30-day humanitarian visa)

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