Residence permit will be canceled, does the two-month extension still apply?

Q & A ForumResidence permit will be canceled, does the two-month extension still apply?
Kir asked 4 years ago

Hello, thanks for your help!
I quit my job in January and had trouble finding a new one during the last two months, when the whole society was frozen. I am looking now, but my old company will cancel my residence permit March 31. I understand I can get a 30-day tourist visa on that day. Will the two-month extension apply to that visa? So for example, if the new 30-day visa should expire April 30, does it actually expire at the end of June?
If the two-month extension for some reason does not apply to the new tourist visa, do I have an automatic two-month extension on the canceled visa? Is there any problem because it is a “canceled” visa and not a naturally expired one? 
Thank you!

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

hmm…. your company will cancel your work permit(they will return the blue plastic card to labor bureau) for sure.
But I don’t usually hear companies going through the trouble of taking your passport, going to exit-entry bureau and cancelling your residence permit. However, if they are really cancelling your residence permit as well, then yes you can apply for a 30-day visa (I think it’s called a “humanitarian” visa…). It is a 30-day grace period the government provides foreigners to find a new job…
And yes, any valid visa will be granted an extra 60-day period. However this policy was really designed for foreigners who came to China on a business trip but government extended the benefit to all foreigners who are currently in China to leave China up to 60 days after their visas have expired. 
So I would still advise you to try your best to get a new job within the 30-day humanitarian visa period… 
Or see if your company is okay with just cancelling your work permit and not your residence permit.. that will give you much more time than 30 days, i hope.
Good luck, Kir! 

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