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Ahmed asked 4 years ago

I just got graduated from Wuhan and Started working in Shanghai. My work permit is in process, after getting it, I planned to apply for residence permit but the counter guy at pudong bureau told me that, i cannot apply for residence permit like this, I need to go back to my country and get Z visa first? As far as i know, many people get residence permit directly without exiting China, Any suggestions or solution?

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Ahmed,
Unfortunately, it depends on the country of citizenship. 
It used to be that everyone, regardless of where they are from, they must apply for a Z-visa from the home country’s Chinese embassies/consulates, enter China, and convert the Z-visa to a work permit and residence permit. So if they were already in China, they must exit China and return later with a Z visa.
That policy is still true for many countries.
However, starting sometime in the 2010s, a select number of countries’ citizens can apply for a work and residence permit without exiting China. 
Since it’s covid-times, perhaps you could make a case about how you cannot return to your home country(provide proof of lack of airplane tickets… travel ban)…. your company needs you to start work now in China(provide a statement from the company with company shop/stamp)… and see if they are willing to make an exception for you.
Try different immigration officers on different days. Good luck!
Warm Regards,
Just Another Expat

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