Residence permit for spouse automatically extended?

Q & A ForumResidence permit for spouse automatically extended?
Novi asked 4 years ago

my husband is working in Shanghai. I am also in Shanghai under dependent visa (residence permit). His contract with the current company will expire on April 20 and so does his residence permit. According to the recent policy as far as I understand that foreigners can get their visas extended automatically by 2 months, but I am just wondering if such policy also applies for a spouse’s (dependent) visa like in my case? and do I need to do something about it?
Thank you

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Novi,
Doesn’t matter if it’s a spouse visa, tourist visa, business visa, etc… As long as you are a foreign passport holder and have that page on your passport with the residence permit that expires on April 20th 2020, then you can leave China as late as June 19th 2020 and the airport customs won’t give you any trouble. 
So sit back and relax. No further action needed.
Stay healthy and strong!

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