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Alex asked 3 years ago

I’ve heard that who used 2 month visa extension who are currently in China should re entry China after expiration ( can’t extend visa after this in China.. Is that true? Did u heard about this anything Sir?

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Momentix Staff answered 3 years ago

so this 2 month extension is for exit only… not entry…
So only for foreigners currently in China can exit as late as 2 months after their visa expiration date. 
This 2 month extension does not grant entry. So it does not allow a person to enter China after the visa expiration date. 
Exit Entry bureaus understand this is a special time so as long as the epidemic is still going on… and therefore policies will be updated…
However, let’s say your visa expired on march 15th… and you should leave on may 14th the latest but virus is still rampant elsewhere, flights are all cancelled and there’s no way for you to leave the country… I highly doubt China will be inhumane and force you to leave no matter what. They will introduce a new policy. If they haven’t yet, visit the exit-entry bureau and ask for an extension. I’m sure they will understand and extend past may 14th.

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