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Andreina asked 4 years ago

I’m currently under student visa (x2) two months extension, I got a job offer and they will help me with the work visa, I already got the documents legalized and authenticated by the Chinese embassy in my home country (Colombia) and they sent me scans of all this documents.

Do I need to get this original documents from Colombia it order to apply to the work visa here in China? Or it’s possible do the process with the scans?

PS: my home country airport is closed until beginning September.

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Andreina, 
Hmm… so not even DHL / EMS / international logistics companies can help deliver documents overseas? 
Under normal circumstances, you definitely would need the original documents.
However, not sure if they’ll make an exception. Clearest answer you can possibly get is asking the Pudong headquarter exit-entry bureau. 
When you visit the exit-entry bureau, bring with you:

  • proof that no planes are departing from Bogota / else where in Colombia
  • your printed scanned-documents
  • work contract

If they do not make an exception for you, then you’d have to apply for a stay permit, which you can read about through the “Good Samaritan” series, especially the latest one: https://shanghaiexitentry.com/good-samaritan-8-stay-permit-super-detailed/
Good luck!
Warm Regards,
Just Another Expat

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