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Aditi Sanjay Chheda asked 4 years ago

I entered Shanghai from India on the 4th of January on a work visa, I need to apply for my work permit before the 4th of February but due to some reason I am unable to apply till now and since the Chinese New Year holidays are here I wont be able to apply till the 4th.
Is there a way to apply for an extension or is there any other solution to this?
Please help

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

I trust that you have resolved this by now or at least in the process of doing so.


It seems you were on a Z-visa (so I have changed the title of this post). The Chinese gov gives you 30 days to convert it to a work permit. Your employer should have applied for your work permit then residence permit, meanwhile you would have needed to provide documents or show up at the bureaus with your HR.  I would have recommended to visit the Exit-entry bureau and apply for an extension. I think they provide 7-day or 30-day extensions… depends on your luck and who you get as your visa officer.

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