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Franklin Tam Lee asked 3 years ago

Good day!

My friend currently holds an x2 Visa which expires on February. She has fully paid the tuition fee for the upcoming term and has received the letter introduction to visa for residence permit as well. 

However, she is in Japan and is currently in Japan’s China Embassy but was denied to have an X1 visa but instead was offered an X2 (W/ 30 Day expiration) Visa. 

We would like to ask, if she does apply for the X2 Visa w/ 30 days at Japan. And then when she comes back to China, Will she be allowed to extend visa? Or will she also be allowed to extend it into Residence permit since she has letter introduction to visa?

Awaiting for your favorable reply

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Momentix Staff answered 3 years ago

Got your message. Yes, that university is definitely a government recognized university. I’ve commonly seen very unfavorable study permit durations for those who were studying at private language schools. However, it’s strange that the embassy has rejected your friend’s application. 
A friend at CIBT visa services said “X2 visa can’t be renewed in China and can’t be changed into residence permit (study). The foreign student has to exit China upon the expiry of the current X2 visa and re-apply a new visa offshore to enter China.” 
Sorry that it’s not good news. In my opinion, very often, it all depends on the mood of immigration officers as well. If you’re lucky you get a more lenient visa term. If not, you’re application is rejected entirely. 
I know a number Singaporean friends from top universities in Singapore who do 6-month or 12-month exchanges with top universities in Shanghai. I will ask them for their experience and share it here when I hear back from any of them.
Good luck to your friend!!

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