Judging length of epidemic period and Visa extension policy

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Gabe asked 4 years ago

How does the government decide when it’s no longer in epidemic period? Does it factor in all the travel bans and epidemics abroad or only looks at the situation in China? If someone goes to exit entry bureau explaining they can’t find a way home because of all the bans after China declares epidemic period is over will they consider giving you extension or decline, forcing you to exit to the nearest possible available country and get stranded there for who knows how long. Would really need the extension here. 

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Honestly, I have no idea what they’re are their criteria / how they make their decisions. 
But all foreigners in China have extra two months on whatever visas they are currently on. For example, if your visa is set to expire on April 15th, then you can leave China as late as June 14th. 
If the extra two months are still not enough, then maybe visit an exit-entry bureau and make a case. 
Policies on travels around the world are changing everyday. So try not to think too far ahead and think of all the negative things that may happen. 
Good luck!!

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