How can I get a fapiao for my resident permit?

Q & A ForumHow can I get a fapiao for my resident permit?
Axelle Tessier Staff asked 5 years ago

Hello, i need a Fapiao for my resident permit. My passport number is [censored-for-privacy]. How can i have it ? Thank you

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Axelle,
Unfortunately we are not The Shanghai Exit Entry Bureau as we have disclosed this on the footer of every page and on our about page.
However, this is what I know:
When you get your passport back (whether by pick-up or delivery), the envelope that contains your passport should have the page with your name, address, photo, price paid etc. attached to the envelope. That page should be the fapiao!! So don’t lose that envelope (or the page attached to the envelope)!!

Good luck!!

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