Polina asked 4 years ago

Hello ! I have a business visa now until 20th of August but my 60 days of covid time will finish around 10th of July . I found a company which is ready to hire me and get work visa. But I just started to prepare all documents and it takes a lot of time for preparation. I want to ask you, which documents should I provide to get 30 days more visa? I can ask my company to show you all documents that they will hire me and we are in the process of making work visa.

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

I don’t quite understand your situation. 
You have a business visa right now and it expires on August 20th. 
You are also on your 60-day automatic extension that ends July 10th? 
If you have a business visa until August 20th, then the 60-day automatic extension starts on August 20th and ends on October 19th. 
You can use the time to apply for your documents. 
However, if July 10th is, in fact, your last day, then you have about 35 days to apply for your work permit and then for your residence permit. If your company HR is decent, you should be able to get the work permit in 2 weeks(1 week for document preparation and 1 week for application)… Let’s say it takes them longer and takes 4 weeks. Then they apply for the residence permit around July 5 and successfully submits the application. That is perfectly fine. As long as you submit your residence permit by July 9th, you are safe. 
Please read this article for the work permit documents and process:
I’ll upload a new article for residence permit soon. Please check back again in a few days.
Good luck. 

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