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nicola asked 4 years ago

My work permit will be cancelled May 31st and my residence still valid until July (my employer has not confirmed if they will cancel my residency but even if they did and I change to humanitarian visa). I want to return back to the UK for family reasons however it’s very difficult to get a flight back to the UK right now. My apartment also expires at the end of June. So if I cannot find a flight, as they keep getting cancelled, by the end of June/into July and my savings are getting low. I may then need to apply for a new job and maybe stay at least one more year but it’s past the 10 days since my work permit is cancelled can I do this? Or is this classed as an overstay as I waited more than 10 days since my work permit was cancelled? 
Thank you!

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Nicola,

You can use the time you have now until end of your residence permit (or, after that, the 60-day automatic extension period) to apply for a new work permit. Once you get a new work permit, apply for a new residence permit.

Given the pandemic situation, China is allowing foreigners to use the 60-day extension period to apply / renew their work permits

Hope your family back home is safe and sound.

Good luck!

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