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Herabans Kaur asked 4 years ago

Hi.  I was due to attend an exit interview on 5 February and ultimately to transfer my new visa over to a new post etc.  Unfortunately I had to leave Shanghai to avoid overstaying my visa.  Do I have to apply for a Z visa all over again (last time I applied was only 15 months ago) or can I enter on a tourist/different visa allowing for the smooth transition over to my new post?  Will I require a new police check, in any instance?  I am still awaiting my release letter and work permit cancellation from the old company as they are still all working from home, which will further delay any z visa application.  Please advise.  Thank you

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey Herabans,

Given the situation:
Coronavirus + waiting for work permit cancellation / release letter from the previous company

I think you can get a tourist visa. If you run out of time on the tourist visa, you can get a “Humanitarian visa” that gives you extra time(i.e. 4 weeks) to continue sorting out your papers.

However, if you are still waiting for your release letter, then your residence permit should still be valid. Isn’t it? In which case, you case return to China on that residence permit because Customs at the airport only looks at your residence permit.
If your residence permit has expired, then yes, I’d say re-enter using a tourist visa.

BTW, to save yourself time, I would advise you to re-enter China once your new employer has successfully applied & received your new work permit card and is in the process of applying for your new residence permit. The residence permit application process is the only phase that you are required to attend and be present to show your face. [Your new employer will need the work cancellation letter from the labor bureau which your old employer should have eventually so you will need to arrange your old employer to send it to your new employer.]

I’d appreciate it if you can follow-up and just let me know how it goes!! Good luck, Herabans, and stay safe!!

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