Applying for extension after automatic extension expires.

Q & A ForumApplying for extension after automatic extension expires.
Will asked 4 years ago

Hi, my 60 day automatic visa extension expires May 29th and I want to apply for another 30 day extension. The only problem is I had to send my passport away to get a French visa in order to enter France in June. I’ve been told by the French consulate that there are delays and I won’t get my passport back before my Chinese visa lapses. So, technically it will be an overstay. What can I do? The other thing is I’m on a 10 year, 60 day tourist visa which doesn’t expire until 2025. So it’s not actually expired I just didn’t leave after the 60 days.

1 Answers
smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Additional to the documents you will submit for the 30-day stay permit application, you will also need the French consulate to provide a statement along the lines of how they had delays (due to the virus) in getting your passport back to you. 
That should be sufficient in waiving the penalty fee resulting from overstaying your visa(post-60-day automatic visa extension).

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