60-day automatic extension if you haven’t gotten one before? Really? I’m confused now…

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Bert asked 4 years ago

I’ve just read the answer to Louise Orozco, and I’m confused now.
When I first heard about this automatic extension, I called the Entry Exit Bureau and told them that I had reentered China on March 6th. They told me there was indeed a 60-day automatic extension policy, but that I should call at the end of March (29th or 30th) to see if it is still on.
Which I did, yesterday the 29th. And I got really nervous when the person I got this time told me that we were indeed in the Emergency Period (not quite sure how to call it: 防控期 – Control Period?), but they didn’t know about later, and so they didn’t know yet if that 60-day automatic extension policy would still be on by the day I need it, on May 5th, and that I should call that day.
I called again today, hoping they had gotten instructions. Same person, she told me they still didn’t know, and again, to call on May 5th.
People just spoke Chinese, no English. My Chinese is just okay, and the stress didn’t make it better. I had to make her repeat and speak slower. Did she ask me if I had gotten one automatic extension already and I didn’t understand her question? I don’t think so, but still, it could be…
But the first time I called, about one month ago, the person had understood clearly that I had reentered China at the beginning of March.
So I hope what you said in your answer to Louise Orozco is right: “My friend in the industry said as long as it’s your first time using this 60-day automatic extension, you’ll be fine and won’t need to visit/contact the exit-entry bureau.”
It might still be safer to make a call. It wouldn’t hurt.
And if you can really tell me: “Bert, you’re wrong. You HAVE the extension”, I’d love to hear it. (But I would still call them on May 5th…Hahaha!)
Thanks again!


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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey Bert,
You have the extension because:

  1. the Chinese gov’t has not yet declared the end of the pandemic period and therefore the 60-day automatic extension is still being granted
  2. you entered China on a valid 60-day visa on Mar 6th, so May 5th is supposed to be your last day but you get to leave +60 days later so July 4th.

I guess the staff at exit entry bureau also don’t know when the government will say “okay we consider the pandemic period is now over” which means no more free 60-day overstay (aka automatic extension).

All foreigners can overstay their visas 60 days(aka automatic extension). But if you’re nearing the end of this automatic extension of 60 days(i.e. July 4th for you) and you want to stay longer, then you would have to go to the exit entry bureau and apply for a stay permit. Read answer to this question: https://shanghaiexitentry.com/question/confused-about-visa-extension/

But sure, doesn’t hurt to be safe and call them tomorrow. And I’d appreciate it if you can let us know their response below!
Cheers and god speed.

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