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Jean Alexander Carrera Camacho asked 4 years ago

Hello, my question is regarding the documents needed to extend the X2 visa, I want to know if I need the JW202 form, my school is a private school so they told me I don’t need this form to extend it, that the JW202 for is only when you enroll for a university, is this true?
Thank you very much for your help

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Jean,
I don’t know student visas very well but yea I get confused between JW201 and JW202… blue form .. yellow form… lol I don’t know which is which… But yes! Government-recognized universities provide those forms that would help them get study permits (6-12 months). 
Not sure if Chinese embassies/consulates provide lengthy visas for private schools… at least I heard it’s difficult to get longer study permits for those private language schools… I know a person who enrolled in a 6 month course but the consulate only gave him 1 month of study permit…
That’s all I know
Good luck!
Just Another Expat

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