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Jeanne asked 4 years ago

My automatic 60 days extension will expire on 29th July. I was supposed to leave Shanghai on the 29th but my flight got cancelled and changed to the 30th apparently confirmed. But it is one day after my resident permit expiration. I am afraid i wonèt have time to apply for a stay visa. Could you let me know what I should do to avoid problems? 

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Jeanne, 
What is the expiry date written on your residence permit on your passport: July 29th or May 30th? 
If it says July 29th on your passport, your 60-day automatic extension ends on Sep 27th. 
If May 30th is written on your passport, then July 29th is the last day of your 60th extension.
In which case, you should go to the exit entry bureau with your passport, cancelled flight tickets and new flight tickets all printed and ask them what to do. This is your safest option. 
If you are a risk-taker, you could show up at the airport, with those documents printed and if the airport immigration officer at customs give you trouble for leaving one day after expiration date, then show him/her all those papers mentioned above, explaining how you were supposed to leave the day before but the airline delayed the flight by a day. If lucky, he/she will let you pass. If unlucky, maybe a small fine. (They did say they will be more lenient with the fines/penalty due to the virus… But I don’t have any info on this and no one shared with me their experience yet) 
Good luck, Jeanne!
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