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albert hall asked 4 years ago

Hi i just renewed my passport and registered at the police. I was told I have 10 days to obtain a new residence permit on my new passport. However i am also in the process of renewing my foreign work permit (and residence permit). My employer tells me I have to  get a new residence permit on my new passport carry on with the renewal of the foreign work permit get a new residence permit for the upcoming year this means i will have to get a residence permit for just a few days (between above steps 1 and 3). is it really mandatory to follow this process, or is it possible to skill step 1 and directly get the new work and residence permits?

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Albert, 
It’s the first time someone asked me this question so I confirmed with an expert in this field. It seems PSB is strict in this regard. If you don’t transfer your residence permit from your old to new passport, they will penalize you. Sorry, not the good news you were expecting. 
But personally, I share your view too. Why can’t they just accept both the old and new passport and see that they might as well skip the transferring of old residence permit between the two passport and directly issue the new residence permit on the new passport. Maybe you could ask when you get to PSB and share with us your findings? 

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