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Shayan asked 3 years ago

Hello , 
I’m wondering to know can I transfer from student visa to entrepreneur visa ? Do I need to leave China ?
By considering my Nationality which is Iranian.

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Momentix Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Shayan, 
I don’t know much about this type of visa. I did a quick search and here’s one I found:

  • Foreign students who graduate from a renowned China university are eligible to apply for a two to five-year entrepreneur visa.

Auto-translated text
Application for a start-up visa.
1、Conceive and write a business plan
2、Select office address
3、Register the company according to the business plan
(Industrial and commercial registration, tax registration, bank account opening, filing in foreign trade and economic cooperation)
4. Letter of recommendation issued by the FTA
5、Entry and Exit Administration Office to apply for record of foreign-related units
6、Go to the local public security bureau to complete the entry-exit registration.
Original Chinese text:
Hope this is enough to get you started. 
After you go through the process, please share with us what you learned along the way too!
Thank you. 
Warm Regards,
Just Another Expat

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