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elaine asked 4 years ago


I read this response about 60 days automatic extension, I am confuse and puzzled about it. Please kindly help to advise if it means that  someone avail an automatic extension of 60 days once they exited china they will be banned for re entering , It mean that when the time China will open the border again to all foreigners like before this pandemic happened those people availing 60 days extension during covid 19 time they will be banned of re entering China again?

Any feedback is highly appreciated

“Think of it as an overstay grace period of 60 day. You get to stay 60 additional days on your last valid visa without having to get a new visa or a sticker on your passport page.
So no action/application required.
But if you exit China, you’ll be banned from re-entering. “

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Elaine,
Clarifying your question:
“For those who stay in China longer using the 60-day automatic extension/overstay policy for foreigners in China, will they be banned from entering China even when things go back to normal (i.e. no more virus & China lifts the ban on foreigners entering China)? “

No, these people won’t be banned from entering China after China lifts the ban on foreigners.
The context to the response you have copy-and-pasted is that China has not lifted the ban on regular foreigners who want to enter China. Therefore, the 60 day extension does not grant entry into China. It only grants foreigners who are already in China to overstay their visa 60 days longer. 

So I’ll add to the sentence that confused you:

But if you exit China, you’ll be banned from re-entering [and, if you want to enter again, you will have to wait until China lifts the ban on foreigners]. 

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