60 days extension – how do I know if the policy is still effective?

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Emily Kossak asked 4 years ago


My Visa is due to expire on the 27th of June. I didn’t get the two months extension yet. What I kind of fear is that they abolish the two months extension period like two days before my visa expires and I’ll be there without a flight or anything out of the country.

Does anyone have reliable information on how long this policy is still on? Thank you!!


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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Emily, 
I highly doubt that they will abolish the policy before end of June. Nonetheless, nothing is for certain in 2020 and I understand your concern.
You just have to do a quick check on the news when you’re commuting. I’m sure when they do announce, most, if not all, media outlets that cover news in English in China will make the announcement. So keep your eyes peeled and just follow your favorite expat magazine / news outlet. Below are my preferred sources. 

  • Ministriy of foreign affairs‘ website: https://www.fmprc.gov.cn/web/
  • Wechat official account: shanghaifabu 上海发布
  • Exit-entry bureau Wechat official account: shgacrj 上海公安出入境管理
  • [my favorite] Shanghai Unicom’s English Wechat official account: WOShanghai 
  • And other expat magazines / classifieds: smartshanghai.com, thebeijinger.com, etc…

And, of course, if I hear of the news that the automatic extension is no longer available, I will share the announcement as soon as possible on the Q&A page or the landing page as well. 
Take care and stay healthy. 

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